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The MongoDB world is abuzz:

  • 10gen has backups as an option now for MongoDB via MMS. Think of this like WordPress VaultPress. Its clearly a different model, but one more acceptable in today’s cloud-ready world. (you can of course backup MongoDB with many other methods too). Pricing details suggest that the initial copying of data is free, but costs about USD$0.08 per gigabyte for storage. Incremental backups work over SSL, stored in multiple geographic locations. MMS now has over 17,000 users.
  • MongoDB is proposed to be inside Ubuntu main. This is great news as it puts it in front of more developers. More importantly, it shows developers are using it a lot hence the requirement.
  • What TokuDB might mean for MongoDB – Baron is pretty spot on here. “MongoDB simply feels nice to developers.” It does, and TokuDB brings in something MongoDB has been missing for quite some time. Being opensource, this makes it all the more exciting.