AlsoSQL aims to demystify all sorts of data from big data to embedded databases. Everything presented in easy-to-understand formats, from relational databases (SQL), to NoSQL databases to big data trends.


The domain was registered in 2010 around the time of the MySQL Conference & Expo when a chat between founder/editor Colin Charles and Brian Aker took place about the coming together of multiple database solutions. The initial site and Twitter account went up towards the end of 2012, and content started making its way around April 2013.

During May-June 2013, content was pushed via Twitter (@alsosql) to gauge engagement. It was thus decided that in July 2013 content should be here on the website and to take the publishing mantra further via a magazine.

A lot of this was inspired by an old mailing list back at MySQL AB simply called “bi”. BI stood for business intelligence. What kind of news would you want to know if you were in the area of databases? Attempts were made to automate it via a river of news via the Edwin pipe, but editorial curation is what we aim for here.